Saturday, 23 June 2007

My Living Legend

Yes. My living legend. An MG Lola, manufactured by the all so famous Scalextric. As mentioned in my last post, every car has its own handling. The MG Lola is considerably easy to handle. It's at least a whole lot easier to handle than the Mini Cooper. In fact, due to its flat and wide chassis, its got a really low center of gravity (CG) which really helps a great deal when it comes to hugging those tight corners. Its probably got the lowest CG among all classes (perhaps it's only match is the GT). And because of this, its really stable and sticks to the track like you've got super glue on its tires! Hug those tight corners at high speed and you've got no problems like what other cars would give you i.e. flipping off the track.

Not only has it got the magnificent stability, its also got the speed. Though it can't exactly compete with the F1 when its on a long stretch of straight (or maybe it can with a slight upgrade of motor), they can easily outrun the F1 if there are just a few curves on the track. And while comparing it with the F1, the Lola is also a lot more durable. Unlike the fragile F1 where you can't exactly get involved in an "accident", the Lola gives you that luxury to get into minor "accidents". But no, I'm not asking you to put it to the test and crash it.

Enough said. Let me show you my *ahem*, Living Legend...

It's won me quite a number of races. It's in fact managed to set a record for the most laps in the Bangsar track over a 3 minute race. Of course it has also got some 'warrior scars' here and there, but with a little super glue, its still fit as a fiddle. I find it to be the most stable Lola on the track, even when compared to others of the same class. This Lola, is definitely a class of its own.

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5D update lar!!! XD